Discover: Sarah Davidson + EP Review


So as you may know, if you’ve been keeping tabs on Music Row Girl,  I just started doing a post 1 day a week, no specific day, for the past 2 weeks in which I tell you about a new artist that I’ve discovered and can’t ignore!

This week’s feature is: Sarah Davidson


Sarah is a fresh face to the country music scene right here in good ol’ Nashville!!!

In a recent interview with Billboard, Sarah describes her southern roots: “I’m from South Georgia, and grew up singing and writing. I wrote my first song when I was eleven. I moved to Nashville to study music business at Belmont. I fell in love with this town, got my first internship on the row, then got my first publishing deal. I was trying to make it as an artist.”

My mouth is agape at this point because I didn’t know she went to Belmont!

That’s where Music Row Girl  is currently finishing up her degree in Music Business in order to graduate in May!!!

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 6.20.36 AMWe both went (one is still going) to that beautiful garden of a school in Nashville!!!

I’m really not sure what I’m more excited about, Belmont University’s Music Business program being thrown around in Billboard or the fact that Sarah moved to Nashville to attend the Mike Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business!  I’m going to have to say I’m equally excited over both!!! 😀

Shameless plug to my soon to be alma mater:

Before I go any further, let me just mention that Sarah is 1/6 of the wives that have been cast in a new series that’s only 5 episodes in on TNT called: Private Lives of Nashville Wives

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 6.15.17 AMMonday nights at 10 pm for Nashvillians like Sarah & myself

It’s not a Bravo version of The Real Housewives so less shade & fights happen 😉

I have admitted to you now on numerous occasions that I barely watch any TV at all, yet I did watch the first episode when in premiered around a month ago on February 24th! 

I know! Shocking right?! Music Row Girl watched a TV show?! Oh stop! HAHAHAHA 😀

Well on the first episode is where I discovered America’s new favorite country sweetheart because she was premiering her music by being filmed in songwriting sessions and even at an outdoor performance in Nashville as part of CMA Fest!


Let me just mention that Sarah owes her last name to country superstar songwriter Dallas Davidson, who wrote Honky Tonk Badonkadonk among other top hits in country music, yet they have very-recently parted ways and are heading for divorce.

Sarah is remaining so positive since the news fell on the 18th of this month, even though the split is so fresh! You’ve got to hand it to her for that!!! 😀

The day I tweeted her was the same day as the public divorce announcement, and I hadn’t known that at the time…well she responded!

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.35.34 AMI’m still waiting on a tour and a Nashville concert answer but hey! A tweet 😀

So without further ado, I want to give you Music Row Girl’s  first ever album review:

Sarah-Davidson-EP-Album-Self-titled1-300x300Sarah Davidson – Sarah Davidson EP Review:

1. Drink You Up: I’m absolutely loving this first song in the collection! It’s a wonderful song that talks about longing to be with someone and experience them to the fullest. It’s a quintessential, longing love song done in a very modern, country way! The melody is so great and memorable! This song is a jam you would listen to with your girls in your car and sing at the top of your lungs!!! 🙂

Take a listen:

2. Ride Around: You know that on a country record today, I better hear a song about a car! HAHA Well this is Sarah’s car song…and I love it!!! What’s better than riding around in a car with no destination in mind…just wanting to be with your beau, roll the windows down, put your feet on the dash, and try not to get in trouble?! She nails it with this song too and the instrumentation is beautiful!

Take a listen:

3. Get Out: This song is describing how badly you want your ex to get out of your life, but their memory is too strong to Get Out. This is great songwriting right here straight out of music city. She is describing how bad she wants him to get out…and then the punch line: but your memory just won’t Get Out!!  Another stellar song in my opinion!

4. No Sad Songs: This is an awesome anthem for a girl who wants to go out on the town and forget about her ex. “I ain’t got time for no sad songsKeep it all about my girls going out tonight“…”Faster the beat, faster I’m movin’ on.”  What awesome lyrics paired with an incredibly fun banjo-picking melody and a great message! Move on and go out with your girls and live it up! Okay, Sarah! We’ll do that! 😀

5. Run Wild: This song is so much fun lyrically and musically. I really like how fun it is! She talks about wanting to run free and be wild while she’s young. “Might find me a country band, throw up my hands, and Shake it! Shake it!”  She’s funny on this song and really endearing. Very great song about youth, rebellion, and country crazy! Every country album needs a song like this…And I love, love, love the A Cappella ending!

The bonus track AKA the theme song from Private Lives of Nashville Wives, is only available with Sarah’s physical album at Wal-Mart, which is so smart because now I’m going to go buy one! HAHA 😀

That song is called Bright Lights Big City and you can listen to a snippet here:

There are 2 ways to get Sarah’s self-titled EP that just came out this Tuesday 3/25:

1. iTunes: Click on this link to buy it now for $4.99:

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 6.13.20 AM

2. Wal-Mart: Click on this link to buy it online for $5.00 w/free store pickup:

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 6.14.59 AM

If you just happen to be in Wal-Mart  you can pick up the EP for it’s retail price of $8.98! 🙂

I’m going to most likely have to have the theme song, so I’ll be in a Nashville Wal-Mart very soon in because I have to have all the exclusives!!! 😀

For more information about Sarah Davidson…Check out her adorable and modern personal website:

And don’t miss her Instagram:

Or her Twitter:

I wish the best to one of Nashville’s own & I’m excited to see her perform soon!