Kip Moore opens skate parks for a charitable cause!


I love to hear when people with so much give to those with so little…


…and today, country singer Kip Moore joins them with his efforts!

Welcome back to me and to you from your 4-day non-laboring weekend! I hope everyone reading this got to have the day off yesterday and enjoy time with their family and friends! I’m glad to be back and glad to have you back 😀

Lately, I’ve been interested in charity and how many different ways there are to give back. So many different initiatives, companies, people, causes, and ways to give to just about anything you can imagine!

Well, our country music superhero from Tifton, Georgia is on the move and is putting his nose to the grindstone on a project that is near and dear to his heart.

That project involves opening skate parks to help fund the Comeback Kid Skatepark Project, which is an intiative from his Kip’s Kids Fund.


I love this logo 😀

I know what you’re thinking…What do skateparks do?! Well, actually, they help a great deal in urban areas! Off the top of my head, it will reduce inner-city crimes by a landslide as Kip is providing a safe place for high school age kids to go.

Let Kip tell you what he thinks: “Skating is such a brotherhood community. In a lot of these areas, these kids are dealing with all kinds of different problems. This is a safe place for them to go. And it’s a place where they can be turned on to a new sport that might give them some hope, something to be proud of. I am in a position now to make some things happen and that’s what I want to do in these communities.”


I love this intiative SO MUCH!

Skating is such a wonderful sport and it encourages kids to hang out and to have a common bond. I love skate life and I can see how this project will help out urban communities! I’m happy that Kip knows how important it is to help give kids something they can be proud of and something that will keep them from negative peer pressure on the streets.

Kip opened the first Comeback Kid Skatepark in Annapolis, Maryland and the second in San Marcos, Texas…AND he’s got two more parks that are set to be opened in Nashville and Boston!

The project was named after his song “Comeback Kid” on his new album Wild Ones


Looking forward to the future, Kip said: “I see it hopefully being a nationwide thing. Hopefully we can expand this thing and turn it into a million different projects, not just skating, but all kinds of things in the inner cities.”

I’m loving Kip Moore for doing this and I can’t wait to go to the park in Nashville! I’ll have to get me a new board and go there once it opens! 😀

Thank you Kip for caring for the kids out there! You’re gnarly, dude!


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