Nicki Minaj throws shade at Iggy Azalea!


I’ve always known the day would come…when Nicki Minaj would diss Iggy Azalea!

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 9.13.42 PM

Nicki is not too happy with Iggy’s attempt to steal her spot!

First I must define for you what it means to “throw shade”…

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 9.15.58 PM


So we can infer from our definition of “throw shade” that it’s a synonym for talking trash.

Well it’s been the shot heard round the world today that the queen of hip hop, Nicki Minaj, has done just that to our new rapper from Australia: Iggy Azalea.

Last night on the BET Awards, Nicki accepted the award for Best Female Hip Hop Artist for the 5th year in a row!!!

In Nicki’s acceptance speech…she took a dig at Iggy Azalea:


All Nicki said was that “if she ‘spit it’, she wrote it”. And for those who don’t know…”spit” is and old saying for rappers. Spit is basically the same as saying it with ferocity and passion.

Nicki did not call Iggy by name, but she tried to cover for herself by saying “No shade” over and over. I hate to tell you Nicki, but once the shade has left your lips…it’s shade no matter what you say from that point on! HAHA

Nicki is allegedly poking fun at Iggy Azalea because she doesn’t write all of the verses that she spits. I don’t know if that’s true, but Nicki would be a better judge  of that than me.



I’m sure Nicki has been feeling pressure ever since Iggy splashed on the scene with her debut album “The New Classic” that went all the way to #1!


I know everyone has heard Iggy’s song “Fancy” within the past month for sure!


I’m sure in my mind that Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea are not evenly matched. I love Iggy, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that Nicki Minaj has an empire!

Nicki is the first female rapper I know of to have her own clothing line, perfume line, and line of specialty Myx Moscato drinks!!!

screen-shot-2013-11-24-at-12-56-16-pmAnd apparently her Moscato is selling at an everyday low price! 😀

I think that Nicki shouldn’t feel threatened because Iggy has a long way to go and it’s going to be the same, difficult road for her as a female in Hip Hop.

Nicki started selling mixtapes out of the back of a minivan in New York so I’m not telling you at all that Iggy can’t take the throne from Miss Minaj.

My personal opinion is that Nicki hits harder in her raps, her drive as a business woman is extremely apparent, and she wakes up everyday ready to keep plugging along as the best female in hip hop.

I do love Iggy Azalea, but I don’t think even if she took Nicki’s place that it would be the same. Nicki’s voice is more appealing to me and Iggy’s is a little rough around the edges.

I’m glad that Nicki finally spoke out and Iggy is staying silent like a true champion!



Lindsey Stirling impresses the Ryman!


Last night was special as everyone’s favorite YouTube sensation came to the Ryman!


Lindsey Stirling. Violinist. Dancer. Sweet human being.

Lindsey came to Nashville for a sold-out show at the Mother Church of Country Music: the Ryman Auditorium for an incredible live show!

I’ve been a fan of Lindsey since I went on a crazy EDM iTunes shopping spree and found a little song called “Crystallize” that I bought immediately after my 30 second preview! 😀

And I’ll go ahead and give that sonic gem to you because I’m so nice:

You’re welcome!

The show started at 8 pm which I thought would just be Miss Stirling since that was the same show time for when I saw another YouTube sensation: Pentatonix at the Ryman, who had no opening act, but that wasn’t the case here…

Lindsey brought along newcomers to the music scene “AJR” who are better known as Adam, Jack, and Ryan. These three guys are all brothers living in New York City!

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 1.17.40 PM

Just a bro on keyboard/ukelele, another bro on beats/drums, and a bro on bass!

I honestly had no clue who these guys were until I heard them sing their single “I’m Ready”! I was like “OMG! Those are the guys with that song on the radio with the Spongebob sample of him saying ‘I’m Ready’!” 😀

Here’s the music video for “I’m Ready” that has over 3 MILLION VIEWS:


I will give AJR one small critique…their music was WAY too loud 😦 I spent a lot of time plugging my ears along with the lady next to me so that we didn’t lose any of our hearing from the most intense bass sounds they had blasting through the Ryman! I would say for the future they need to tone it down in concert so nobody walks away with permanent ear damage. Please and thank you! 😀

So then it was time for Lindsey to come to the stage as the lights went out and all we could see was her silhouette…


The suspense was real! 🙂

Lindsey gave her fans at the Ryman a power-packed opening with three gorgeous instrumental songs and I was shocked that every single person in the room stood to their feet after the first song!!! I’ve never seen a standing ovation at the Ryman after 1 song! It was incredible!


Then Lindsey stepped to the mic and gave us a nice “What’s up Nashville?” 😀 She said “I’ve been so excited to play here! I’m so excited to be in a city that is full of music culture and to be playing in a music venue with so many stories over the years.”

Lindsey said she had been to a lot of concerts recently and at the Lady Gaga show she saw that Lady G had her dancers change her into another costume onstage! So naturally Lindsey did the same thing because she’s awesome!

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 1.58.30 PMLindsey takes on Lady Gaga

Miss Stirling performed 3 more songs for us as the set was glow in the dark!



Then the glow in the dark clothes were gone for 1 more instrumental song and her first song with vocals for the night: “We are Giants” featuring Dia Frampton.

There was a costume change with a short video of Lindsey’s home videos as a kid to keep the crowd warm before she took the stage to play an etherial song before an acoustic set of “Transcendence” and her cover of “All Of Me” by John Legend.

Lindsey told us the story of 2 fans at meet and greet that got engaged when they met her earlier in the day and how she was photobombing all their photos with her look of surprise. She dedicated “All Of Me” to the newly engaged couple “Jason & Mia”.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 3.06.13 PM



Next was a moving performance of “Take Flight” where Lindsey was transparent with the crowd in explaining that this song is about reaching for hope. “I find myself turning to God and asking him to be my support in times when I couldn’t stand up.”



We had a dance battle to keep the crowd busy during another costume change, and Lindsey came out with a new instrumental song. The next song was my favorite of the night! It was a rocking song that kept fading out and coming back to life with a rocking keytar! The crowd went wild for it! So much so that Lindsey said “If you wanna get Nashville on their feet you pull out a keytar!”

The title to that song is “Roundtable Rival” thanks to Brandon!


Then we moved into the tail end of the show with Lindsey telling the crowd: “So many people in the music industry told me that I wouldn’t make it and it’s you guys who helped me prove them wrong! I love each and every one of you!”

Lindsey ended the show with a Pirate themed song, a smooth transition into “Crystallize”, and an explanation before her performance of “Shatter Me”.


Crystallize wouldn’t be complete without this impressive dance move!

She told the crowd, “I know what it’s like to feel cold & gray and to look in the mirror and think what you see is ugly. This song is about cracking the shell you’ve made over yourself and seeing who is underneath.”



After a riveting performance of “Shatter Me” with the bone-chilling vocals of Lzzy Hale…Lindsey went offstage and came back for one last song as her encore.

I thought that Lindsey was phenomenal and commanded the attention of every fan in the Ryman! She was graceful, elegant, and flawless. To see someone dance and play the violin at the same time was unique as can be. I’m not sure why people told her she would never make it, but boy were they wrong!

For more info about Lindsey, see my discover blog:

I wish Lindsey the best of luck in her career! 🙂


Katy Perry brings Prism to Nashville!


Last night was not your average night in Nashville because Katy Perry was with us!


She came to Bridgestone Arena to show Music City the Prismatic World Tour!

When I first got to the arena, I walked around and took pictures of the many people who went out of their way to dress up for the show and here they are:

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 3.26.24 PM

A lovely group of ladies w/custom Prism t-shirts complete with their names & beads!


Elmo!!!!! HAHA


Snoop Dogg & Katy Perry lookalikes from the California Gurls music video!

And last but not least:


The most dedicated group of KatyCats I’ve ever seen!

So then I heard music pouring out into the lobby so I rushed to my seat only to find that Ferras was playing!!! I had no idea he was going to be there which made the surprise even better! I was about 2 songs late, but I still got to hear many songs including the beautiful ballad “King Of Sabotage”!

I liked when the lady sitting next to me…whom I bought my ticket from…said “I like him! He sounds like Prince!” 😀


Ferras was a performer with great stage presence and a powerful voice!

I got to meet Ferras after his set which was amazing!

DSC00512 - Version 2


I asked him how he liked being on Metamorphosis (the new record label that Katy Perry just created and signed him to) and he said he loved it! And I asked him what it was like having Katy for a boss and he told me it was great!!

He signed my free EP “Ferras” for me and I went on my merry way 🙂

So after that meet & greet I snuck into the next opening act’s set a few songs late. It was the band “Capital Cities” who most people know for their hit song “Safe And Sound”:


Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 3.57.01 PM

The band consisted of a drummer, trumpeter, singer/keyboardist, singer, & bassist

I thought they were absolutely incredible and they made it like a huge dance party at their very last song with a remix of Safe And Sound! I’ll have to keep my eyes on them because they were so talented! 😀

Next there were the minutes of anticipation for Katy Perry to hit the stage!!! We waited and waited for I would say only 25 or 30 minutes and when the house light turned off at 9:08, the crowd started going crazy and everyone stood to their feet!

First we saw dancers come out dressed as warriors and then three sides of a triangle…or in Katy Perry’s case: a prism…rose from the stage to form a perfectly enclosed capsule. The crowd cheered as smoke machines went off and the prism began to open slowly revealing our guest of honor who was standing inside:



Katy’s first song was the incredible “stick it where the sun don’t shine” song to her ex-husband Russell Brand: “Roar”


Katy belted that anthem with a beautiful costume that had rope lights on it!

Next up Katy sang her other “Russell Brand can take a hike” song “Part Of Me”


Katy and her warriors ran in place like they were in bootcamp HAHA

The hits kept coming when Katy went into “Wide Awake” as she stood on a riser


She had no rails or harness for that segment! She was fearless!

Then after her opening three song medley, Katy greeted the crowd with: “My old stomping grounds. NASHVILLE! You’re with me for the next 2 hours and it’s going to be a sing-a-long!” 😀

Then she broke into a serious speech: “If you’re here in this moment right now and you’re present and you’re conscious…it will be the best moment of your life.”

She moved right into her song “This Moment” from Prism and showed off her vocals!


“All we have is this moment…”

Katy broke into her beautiful song “Love Me” next and then it was time for a costume change of epic proportions!

Katy and the entire room changed into Egypt for an incredible performance of Dark Horse!


I’m not even sure how the horse moved…but it was amazing!

Then I almost had a heart attack because she played my next favorite song “E.T”


While she was suspended in air!

Next up was Legendary Lovers which is one of my favorite songs from Prism!


This song had particularly great dancing as a part of the performance!

Then Katy performed her first ever single as a Pop star: “I Kissed A Girl”…followed by “Hot & Cold”, and “International Smile” while dressed as a cat!


I love this picture of Katy and her KatyCat dancers 😀

Then there was a funny segment where Katy and the cats walked the runway to “Vogue” and the cats found a rat when Katy was doing yet another costume change!!

The most hilarious part of the night happened next when everyone was focused on the spotlight near the end of the Prism stage and Katy showed up on the main stage and said “Hey Guys! Yeah hey! I’m still here!” HAHA I died laughing!

She then said “Listen, this is my old stomping grounds! Let me take a selfie!” as she laid on the ground next to fans in the general admission pit 🙂

She then sang her beautiful ballad from Prism: “By The Grace Of God”!


She wore a beautiful blonde, lavender, and baby blue wig 🙂

Katy then told the crowd: “My mom used to take me to Nashville when I was 14 or 15 to try to make it in the music industry! I took my guitar and I tried to make it! Nashville taught me how to write good songs.”

I didn’t know that Katy had a connection to Nashville so I was pleased to hear that!

Then she told us: “That’s right. I went to Dollywood yesterday. I had a turkey leg, a funnel cake, and a coke the size of my head…and I can barely move in any of these costumes tonight!” She had the crowd rolling in laughter! 😀

Next up Katy put on her glittery Taylor guitar and told us: “You know I’m so nervous singing in front of you! This is the epicenter of music!”

Then she sang her ballad “Thinking Of You” from her first album “One Of The Boys”.

DSC00919Her glittery guitar with the butterfly is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen 😀

Katy said, “I remember at this place called The Bluebird Cafe in the round!”

Next was her sweet song “Unconditional” and a short dance party before her next costume change for “Walking On Air”.


This outfit was silly and an interesting change from all the glitz & glamor!

Next up was her song “It Takes Two” with an incredible Yin-yang dress:



Then Katy did a cute performance of “This Is How We Do” with emojis everywhere!!!


Yes that is the little Poop emoji as a giant floating balloon! LOL

Then it was everyone’s favorite songs from her last album: “Teenage Dream” and “California Gurls”:


California Gurls was complete with the Hollywood sign 😀

Then the encore began when Katy surprised a fan with her own birthday tribute with her song “Birthday”!


I loved this song and how they were able to create a birthday cake!



Then Katy closed the show with the amazing song “Firework”.


Her dress was designed by Todd Thomas & was GORGEOUS!

We saw “Prism Vision” with glasses that made it all look like a kaleidoscope!

All in all, I have to say that Katy Perry really blew me away! I saw her on her first tour, and her second tour, but this tour was the most polished and talented I’ve ever seen her! She put so much thought and effort into the Prismatic World Tour and it certainly showed! I love how she told her fans how grateful she was for them! She pulled out all the stops from costumes, to balloons, to confetti, to fireworks, and to letting us enjoy her incredible songs with her!

Thank you Katy for coming to Nashville…your old stomping grounds! 😀


Discover: The Vamps


Music discovery day is one of my favorite days of the week and it’s coming at you early because I have Saturday & Sunday concert reviews for you 😀

This week I wanted us to take a look at a new boy band that is causing some waves!


Meet “The Vamps”: Tristan Evans, Bradley Simpson, James McVey, & Connor Ball.

I first found this band online when I was looking through my Facebook newsfeed and I saw a post from Demi Lovato telling fans to watch her in the new music video for a song by “The Vamps”.

So of course I listened to the song (“Somebody To You”) and I fell in love with it and played it 10 more times in a row. It was an instant hit to me and I loved the energy of it. It’s kind of a Debbie Downer topic, but it’s sung in the most energetically positive way! 😀


This song reminded me of when Demi paired up with We The Kings:


The Vamps are a boy band as I mentioned and it seems like we are almost overloaded with boy bands in music today. I’m going to let them slide because they have all the elements:

Great songs + Powerful voices + Cutie Pies = a boy band



So as for their origins, the boys are from the UK and they had the most interesting way of meeting one another…

In 2011, James McVey decided he wanted to form a band and discovered Bradley Simpson through YouTube! The pair went on to write songs through the rest of 2011 and decided for Bradley to be the lead singer. Then in 2012 the duo met Tristan Evans through Facebook! HAHA I can’t believe how many band members where discovered by the internet alone! So the trio met their fourth member Connor Ball via a mutual friend! At least he wasn’t someone random they met online! HAHA

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 6.09.39 PMWhere James met Bradley & Where James and Bradley met Tristan!

Then in July 2013, the band posted their first original song, “Wild Heart” to their YouTube channel and the video received over 46,000 views within its first 2 days!

It now has over 10 MILLION VIEWS!!!

On August 6th 2013, they released the music video for “Can We Dance” and received an astounding 1 million views in two weeks!!!

And this video has over 18 MILLION VIEWS!!!

The Vamps will release their “Somebody To You” EP on August 4th and I can’t believe I have to wait that long to own their song with Demi Lovato! HAHA


I wish the best of luck to The Vamps & congratulations on all the success so far!!!


Vanessa Carlton postpones new album!


Vanessa Carlton is a successful singer/songwriter and we all love her!

Vanessa-Carlton-3-652x367What makes her successful is her undeniable talent in both piano & voice 🙂

When most people think of Vanessa, they think of her famous song “A Thousand Miles”:


It’s that sweet voice and piano melody that hooks everyone in! It’s so catchy!!!

The cult classic movie, White Chicks, made a farce of the song when Latrell was happy as a clam singing along with Vanessa Carlton and I’ll never forget it 😀



Beyond “A Thousand Miles”, Vanessa is a true talent and an incredible pianist! She’s so keen on finding hooky melodies to share with us!

I’ve listened to a lot of her music and I quite enjoy each and every song. She has a style & a sound that’s all her own and is never mistaken to be somebody else. She has that unique quality that every artist needs in order to stand out from the rest of the pack!!

My favorite Vanessa Carlton song is “White Houses”:


There’s just something about that song that gets to me…the simple lyrics and the very gorgeous piano melody 🙂

Vanessa gave fans some news today on Facebook/Twitter that was very out of the ordinary! She gave the following announcement:


That’s right! Vanessa told us she will be postponing her new album “Liberman” til Summer 2015!!! Although you have to admit that taking that time off to have a baby is not a bad reason at all!

In a sad turn of events, Vanessa announced to fans that she had a miscarriage with her previous pregnancy and had to have one of her fallopian tubes removed 😦 So this baby is certainly the miracle she’s been wanting all along.

The news of Vanessa’s pregnancy is only 7 months after she married John McCauley (the lead singer of the rock band: Deer Tick) in a ceremony officiated by Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac in Arizona!!!



On Facebook Vanessa gave us a more detailed message:

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 9.12.37 PM


I love her album description: “the perfect combination of England and Tennessee” 😀

Vanessa’s last album “Rabbits On The Run” was released on July 26th, 2011!



I wish Vanessa the best with her pregnancy and we can’t wait to hear Liberman in 2015!


Remembering Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson. The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

Michael Jackson


Today marks the day that we lost the King of Pop. It’s been five years! I’m honestly so shocked that it has been five years since he left us 😦

I never knew Michael Jackson as a little girl, a teenager, or a young adult. And I wouldn’t even know how to name a song that he sang if someone asked me to. Not “Thriller”, “Human Nature”, “Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough”, “They Don’t Care About Us”, “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”, “Beat It”, or any single song that he performed for the world’s ears.

I honestly don’t know why I didn’t know of MJ when he was alive!



My best friends were so distraught when Michael passed away and I couldn’t understand why. I knew that he was an icon, an amazing dancer, and a controversial person, but I didn’t get why they were so upset.

That was when I admitted to my best friends that I don’t know any Michael Jackson songs and their faces were just like this:

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 10.15.51 PM#PatrickAndSpongebob

My friends forced me to sit on the couch and watch music video after music video of Michael Jackson’s #1 hits & many of his obscure songs that not many people mention.


Who was this man that I never knew? I’ll tell you! He’s a phenomenal entertainer, a bright soul, a beautiful voice, a musical genius, a gentle heart, a master of melody, a positive person, and the best dancer the world has ever seen!


He’s Michael and the world loved him! 🙂

I won’t get into politics of his family’s greed, his plastic surgery, his court cases, or any negativity that swirled around him during his lifetime. I believe that he was purely a man who wanted to unite the world with the joy of music and I can’t say anything negative about him for that reason alone.

I will say that my favorite Michael song is “Human Nature”:


And my favorite post-death tribute to Michael’s music is “Smooth Criminal” by Glee:


Since that day at my house & my “I don’t know any Michael Jackson songs” syndrome, I have been listening to MJ and getting into the mind of a true musical genius. I have to thank my best friends (Rosa & Brianne) for introducing me to the King of Pop!


And as for you Michael, you are still missed and you will always be.


Music Midtown announces 2014 lineup!


There are so many music festivals each year, and Music Midtown is Atlanta’s own!


Every year for the past two decades, music freaks flock to Atlanta!

2014 marks the 21st annual music festival in the ATL that goes by the name of “Music Midtown” and takes place in Piedmont Park 🙂

This year’s festival will be Friday, September 19th – Saturday, September 20th and if I may say…the lineup IS AMAAAAAAZING!

The 2014 lineup was just announced and I can’t wait to tell you who will be there this year!

The headliners are:

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 8.29.32 PM

Eminem, Jack White, Zac Brown Band, & John Mayer!!!

I don’t know about you, but when I hear Eminem I say “OH!” because he doesn’t play too many shows per year like he used to! Partially that reason must be because Mr. Slim Shady himself doesn’t perform for a measly amount of money. Since his rhymes are sicker than I was when I had pneumonia, he commands 1 million or more per performance!!!


I could do with or without Jack White & John Mayer but perhaps if I actually saw them play it would change my mind. All I can say is that I have a passion deep down inside of me to see Zac Brown Band play and it’s got to happen one day! HAHA Their strong country sound is so phenomenal! 😀

Straight from we have the rest of the lineup:

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 8.13.47 PM

🙂 Lana Del Rey, Lorde, and Iggy Azalea! OH MY! 🙂

The number of rising star female singers that MMATL has is enough to make my head spin and I’m not quite sure who I would be more excited to see…Lana, Lorde, or Iggy?!

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 8.33.22 PM


I must say that I’ve taken a fancy…yes, the pun was intended…to Miss Azalea!



NEEDTOBREATHE will be at the festival as well and my goodness they are amazing!



And did you see what I saw??? Run DMC is “pulling an Outkast” and reuniting for Music Midtown! When you say “EP”, I say “IC”!



More acts are to be announced & Music Midtown released the lineup on YouTube:


Atlanta is hot in the summer, but it looks like there will be a music heatwave ripping through the city in September! 😉

Don’t forget to tweet @musicrowgirl if you want to share your festival shennanigans with me and tell me how you liked or disliked Lana, Iggy, & Lorde!

Tickets go on sale Saturday right here: